1892 feed mill. Farm Stead Mills.

 This is our 1892 feed mill we are renovating.  It sits in a little town 1/2 hour south of Lansing. Across the street along the railroad also is our 24' by 100' warehouse barn. At the end of our drive to the barn is a 1/2 hidden entrance to a 400 acre county enviormental park. There are 4 lakes, a fishing dock and a pavilion.Originally it belonged to Portland cement company. They mined the limestone for their cement products, which created the lakes.

 We are preserving the mill and in the renovation phase, working to enhance it and restore it. We call it Farm Stead Mills.

 It is one of the most historic stuctures of its kind in Southern Michigan, from this era of the late 1800's. The timber work the original 36' by 36' mill is a testament to the marvelous skill and craftsmanship of those who built it.  It would be a tremendous feat of engineering and cost to duplicate it today. Timber was king in Michigan in the late 1800's and the craftsman were plentiful who knew how to build barns and mills with such massive timbers raised so high off the ground.

 We hope to in the near future have the renovations complete, making this mill shine as a nice before and after picture.