General Store

The General Store is outfitted with all types of inventory that would be found in a late 19th century General Store. On display  are hundreds of old time tins that products came in for resale. Tins that had items from tobacco to candy, medicines, coffee and much more.

There is a complete tool and hardware display.

There is a vast collection of Griswald and wagner cast iron cookware for the home wood cookstove. 

 Millenary fabrics and sewing supplies for the lady of the house. Candy jars, filled with sweets,  on the counter for the children. Butter churns and janning jars for preserves, along with many other items useful in the household.

 You can sit and play checkers around the pot belly woodstove and listen to your friends yarns.

 The General Store is filled to the brim, just as so many thriving General Stores were in the old day.

 The 1900 Census shows 175 people were listed as getting their mail at the old General Store that was in the old Village of New Haven here.