Tinsmith Shop

 The Tinsmith shop is a working replica shop of an early tinsmith. It is where many of the early utensils were crafted that the early pioneers would have used in their daily lives. Things such as candle holders, coffee pots, tea pots, cups, pails, dinner pails and so much more.

 Before the industrial revolution, most utensils needed for daily life were hand crafted by the local tinsmith or whitesmith as they were known. This distinguished them from the blacksmith and the type of work they did.

 Our resident tinsmith has been working as a hobby tinsmith for about 14 years now. Pattern making is something he has enjoyed making to add to the tools to work with of our tin shop.

Tinsmithing original tools are some of the more rare and scarce tools to find today; as it took us about 6 years to put together a complete working tin shop.